ANCYL welcomes Molelema RHR programme   

The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) in Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati region has welcomed the Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal (RHR) programme in Molelema village, near Taung.
Bokone Bophirima’s MEC for Community Safety and Transport Management, Dr Mpho Motlhabane, visited Molelema on a cleaning campaign following the violent and destructive protests that took place recently. 
ANC Youth League Regional secretary, Crespo Menyatso, said this RHR programme is necessary and will bring unity to the area. 
“We call on young people to be part of the programme and ensure that they continue with it across all areas.
“It is imperative for young people to also rally behind the banner of the ANC-led government. Living in a conducive environment is ideal for hygiene purposes. We also want to applaud Motlhabane for bringing this initiative to Molelema. He is an instrumental and progressive leader of the masses,” said Menyatso. 
He said government programmes must always represent the poorest of the poor and the working class. Menyatso said the ANC would also ensure that the Batlhaping Baga-Maidi community gets conducive and accessible roads. 
“We want good infrastructure in our areas to ensure that we attract investors. However, we urge our people not to embark on violent protests and refrain from burning public properties. We hope government will heed the call as our people need accessible roads,” he said.
Motlhabane said the campaign would restore and rebuild relations between the communities, police and government. He said the initiative was led by a group of volunteers and communities.
“It is our responsibility to lay the foundation for restorative justice and begin to rebuild relationships after everything that happened. The department is working in partnership with the Greater Taung Local Municipality and the Batlhaping Baga-Maidi Tribal Authority,” he said.
Motlhabane said the visit was in response to the call made by Bokone Bophirima Premier, Professor Job Mokgoro, to bridge the gap between and build solid relations with communities. 
Several schools were torched in Molelema during the protests.
“There has been a distance between the community and the government. Therefore, we are here to respond to that call after our initial meeting in Khudutlou village recently.  
“We are grateful that we were well received by community members and the traditional leader. We have de-bushed the area next to the playing ground to ensure that it is safer,” said Motlhabane.
Motlhabane assured the residents that the provincial government heard their pleas. 
“We are aware of the challenges our people are facing in this area. I can assure them that our government will never abandon them. I will personally deliver the message to our Premier and I urge them to have patience.
“I believe that the relevant department will also visit the area soon to find a way forward with them. We are happy because the situation has returned to normalcy,” Motlhabane said.
Greater Taung local municipality mayor, Kgosi Nnyoko Motlhabane said: “It is imperative to invest in a social cohesion agenda. As the GTLM, we will also engage the community to ensure that we assist them where it is necessary. We know that our municipality is having financial constraints and we could not do much.
“However, we will ensure that we identify, analyse and provide workable policy solutions through the Integrated Development Programme (IDP). A cohesive society is the one where people are protected against life risks, trust their neighbours and the institutions of the state.”
Motlhabane also applauded the department for engagements with the community. He said this will foster a social cohesion and strives for greater inclusiveness, more civic participation and creating opportunities for upward mobility. 
One of Molelema community leaders, Mothibi Makoro, said people came out in numbers and welcomed the cleaning campaign. 
“The village is safer and accessible. There were reports that paint the area in a bad image saying that we experience murder, robbery and other criminal activities on a daily basis.
“Yes, we can experience murder once in a while and other criminal activities like housebreaking. However, the area is much safer compare to other areas in Taung. Few schools were torched and we want to urge those who are behind those criminal activities to refrain from that,” he said.
Makoro said the community expects to meet with the Public Works and Roads department to pave a way forward.