ANCYL president launches volunteer corps in Taung  

Outgoing African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) president, Collen Maine, launched the Mandela/Sisulu Volunteer Corps at Batlhaping High School in Taung last Saturday. 
In his main message, Maine said the ANC would register positive growth in support in next year’s general elections. 
“The ANC Youth League is expected to contribute to the overwhelming victory of the ANC in the country. So, we will be rolling out this programme across the country. We decided to have a national launch of this initiative here in the Bokone Bophirima province after the challenges the ruling party faced here.
“It was imperative for us to make the necessary contribution and we are happy that young people have responded well to the call. They came out in numbers and they are committed to ensuring that the ANC will emerge victorious,” he said.
Maine further said there is also a challenge of gatekeeping in the ANC. He said the ANCYL called on the National Executive Committee (NEC) to take a closer look at the matter and come up with strategic measures to resolve it.
“As the responsible members of the ANC, we must also appreciate that we have wronged our people. Our people raised their grievances during our door-to-door campaigns. For instance, our government would announce that a particular project will be delivered during a certain financial year, but that was never delivered,” said Maine.
He said the ANC must be honest with the masses because without the people the party amounts to nothing. 
Maine also said the ANC Youth League is ready to hold its elective conference.
“The ANCYL elective conference will commence on the 20 to 24 September 2018. The Branch General Meetings (BGMs) should start soon to prepare for the conference. We are ready to hand over the baton to the next leadership. We have no intentions to overstay in the office because we think we have made our mark.
“It is important to allow other leaders that will be elected to take over. I am a member of the [ANC] NEC and humbled by the confidence that the branches have demonstrated in me. The NEC is the highest committee in the land of the ANC and I will always appreciate and be thankful to the structures of the ANCYL because without them we would not be here,” Maine said.
He also criticized those who said he is dragging his feet to hold the ANCYL elective conference because he wants to position himself to secure deployment as a Cabinet minister. Maine said in the ANC people don’t position themselves, but are allocated responsibilities according to their deployment.  
The ANCYL in Bokone Bophirima also welcomed the launch of the Mandela/Sisulu Volunteer Corps. The ANCYL provincial spokesperson, Tshiamo Tsotetsi said: 
“The intention of this programme was to establish volunteers that will assist the ANC ahead of 2019 general elections. These volunteers are already hitting the ground running and we are confident that they will deliver immense victory to the ANC.
“There will also be an interaction between those volunteers and our leadership. This will assist them to understand the ANC manifesto better,” he said. 
Tsotetsi added that as young people they were not campaigning for the ANC so they can give the party a blank cheque. 
He said they expect the ANC to deliver to young people and those who will be elected to occupy offices must not prioritise their close networks for employment and benefits.
“We expect administrative offices in government to be occupied by sober and young people. We also expect that all programmes of the ANC that will be implemented in government must target young people.
“Young people are the most vulnerable group when it comes to unemployment, inequality and poverty. We also want to put it on record that the ANC cannot send people who are corrupt to government. The ANCYL calls on the mother body to deal with corruption, crime and greed. All those who are implicated must be thoroughly investigated,” said Tsotetsi.
He said the ANCYL would also recommend a larger contingent of young people for deployment in provincial legislatures and Parliament.