Unity and cohesion top of ANC Dr RSM agenda 

The newly elected African National Congress (ANC) regional leadership of Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati has vowed to work hard to bring unity and cohesion in the region. 
This leadership, elected at a regional conference held at the Christiana All Seasons Resort two weeks ago, said it has already developed a programme that will help it achieve this. 
The conference elected the youngest ANC regional secretary in the country, Gaolatlhe Kgabo.
“The REC will forge unity within our movement and ensure that the ANC remains the hope of the downtrodden masses. It will also ensure that the ruling party is the leader of the progressive forces in the alliance and the society in general in our region,” he said. 
“Unity within the ANC is sacrosanct and the REC should take note of this in addressing disgruntlement, discomfort and discontent that arose from some members and branches of the ANC in the run-up to and during the conference,” Kgabo said.
He further said the REC should thoroughly address all outstanding “issues of concern” from any disgruntled member or branch with all concerned. Kgabo added that the newly elected leadership has adopted an ‘open door policy’ for all members and branches of the ANC.
“We therefore call on all members of the ANC who may be aggrieved by any development both pre- and post-conference to take the opportunity and space created to engage in a peaceful and objective effort to assist our REC and the ANC in general to calm the stormy waters in order to ensure unity and cohesion.
“The ANC in Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati region is also committed to reviving the alliance relations between ANC, SACP, Cosatu and SANCO in order to massage tensions between these forces of the mass democratic movement to ensure collective appreciation of our collective task to take the NDR to its logical conclusion,” he said.
Kgabo said the REC would soon invite their alliance partners to a political induction workshop that will seek to enhance common political appreciation of the 8th   Regional Conference Declaration and Resolutions. This would ensure that there is a common political programme of leading the people in the region out of the shackles of poverty, inequality and unemployment, he said. 
“We are committed to work with our alliance partners in all fronts of our struggle towards radical socio-economic transformation. So, we extend our respect and appreciation of the autonomy of all alliance partners as well as their right to their political views and programmes”. 
The new regional leadership has also raised concern about municipalities that are performing poorly.

“The REC has also noted with grave concern the state of municipalities in our region. We have resolved to embark on a roadshow and visit all municipalities in our region to fully and objectively engage them in the state of functionality,” said Kgabo.
He said the REC would also speed up efforts to address a fragile political environment in the council of Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality to ensure that stability is restored. 
Corruption is also one of the worrying factors.

“The REC has expressed disdain and rejection of corruption as a reactionary and counter-revolutionary phenomenon that stands sharply on the way of liberating our people from the current legacy and vestiges of apartheid. We are also committed to working with both provincial and national leadership to expose corrupt elements in our midst, regardless of the position any comrade may be holding in the ANC. 
“We are committed to work with our people, our alliance and the broader civil society to ensure a sound, progressive, ethical and moral leadership that should at all times serve our people without succumbing to temptations driven by personal greed and ill-conceived ambition as well as conspicuous consumption,” he said.
Kgabo further said the REC would also work with law enforcement agencies to ensure that all rogue members and leaders are rooted out of the ANC in the region. He said the REC would use the services of the integrity commission to ensure that no member of the ANC escapes scrutiny.
“The REC will ensure that there is co-operation with all relevant statutory corruption fighting bodies to ensure consequence management for all those who engage in corruption, malfeasance and conduct that brings ANC in our region and province into disrepute,” he said.