ANC welcomes SASSA efforts on grants payments

The ANC in Bokone Bophirima welcomes the transition made by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) for grant payments to be moved from Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) to the South African Post Office (SAPO). 
This historical move comes after a ruling made by the Constitutional Court, which allowed for these changes to come into effect.
Provincial spokesperson of the ANC in the province, Gerald Modise, welcomed SASSA’s intervention after some grant recipients experienced challenges while trying to receive their payments. This was due to a system overload on the side of the SAPO.
“This positive progress clearly shows that the ANC-led government is considerate and cares for the welfare of millions of our grant beneficiaries. As we all know, most of the grant recipients are from rural provinces like Bokone Bophirima. We believe that the contribution we are making as the ANC is well received and we must continue making sure that grant dependents do not face such challenges in future,” said Modise.
In a statement, Minister of Social Development, Susan Shabangu, expressed joy at the fact that the August payment cycle went through without any incidents being reported.
“I am pleased to report that the August payment cycle went without any major incidents in all of today’s pilots sites spread throughout all the nine provinces. SAPO made 100% cash payments at all its pilot sites. This modest achievement can be attributed to the expertise that was pooled from among major role players in the banking, retail and ICT industries, as well as the long hours of hard work put in by SASSA and SAPO staff,” said Minister Shabangu
SASSA Regional Spokesperson for Bokone Bophirima, Nthabiseng Motsieleng, urged grant beneficiaries to swop their old cards for the new one.
“SASSA is running a campaign of swapping the old cards for the new SASSA gold card. Those who have not done card swap by end of September 2018 will not receive their grants in October 2018. There will be no extension period, therefore beneficiaries are encouraged to ensure that they do a card swap in order to avoid disappointments and unnecessary hardships,” said Motsieleng
Replacing the old card for the new one will ensure that beneficiaries continue to receive their social grants as normal. SASSA requests that beneficiaries bring along a copy of an ID and the current old SASSA card for the card change.
It is expected that SASSA, in collaboration with the SAPO, will distribute the new cards to an estimated nine million beneficiaries. Approximately 2.5 million of these beneficiaries receive their social grants at pay points around the country.
This new card also allows 3 free cash withdrawals at points of sale, one free withdrawal at the post office per month, free swipes at points of sale and it is accepted by all ATM’s displaying the VISA sign.
The few payment related incidents that were reported for the August period came from beneficiaries who were using the new SASSA card to collect their grant monies at pay points. These beneficiaries were redirected to ATM’s and participating merchants.
Beneficiaries were told by officials that the new SASSA card functions the same way as any bank card with a PIN and does not make use of biometrics as a method of verification.
Grant recipients who previously used a PIN to access their grants using the old SASSA card are requested to collect their grants from ATMs and retailers. As from this week, this category of beneficiaries will no longer be served at pay points because the pay point use fingerprints as a method of verification.
During the July payment period, about 700 000 of the 12 million beneficiaries that SASSA provides with social grants could not access their funds. The problem mainly affected beneficiaries who use the new SASSA gold card.
 SASSA had already paid money into all the accounts but the beneficiaries could not withdraw their money due to a system overload. SASSA has resolved all these issues and all the affected beneficiaries have now been paid for the August cycle. 
Community members who are experiencing any payment related challenges are urged to make use of the SASSA Toll Free Number which is 0800 60 10 11.