ANCYL calls for Mduduzi Manana’s resignation 

The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) has called for embattled ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) member, Mduduzi Manana, to resign from all positions he holds within the ANC and parliament. Manana is also the governing party’s Member of Parliament (MP). 
The ANC Youth League said it was “shocked” by the latest accusations of domestic violence against its former NEC member. He allegedly assaulted his domestic worker, Christine Wiro, at his Johannesburg home. While Wiro had pressed assault charges with the police, she later withdrew them. Now the Gauteng Director of Public Prosecutions says it would continue investigating the matter because it is within its rights to do so.  
An audio recording was leaked to the media, which proved that Manana offered Wiro R100 000 in “consolation” for humiliation she suffered in his hands. 

In a statement, the ANCYL said Manana’s conduct was not in line with the principles of the ANC. 
“Manana’s behavior or actions are not only in direct opposite of the ANC’s values, principles and revolutionary morality, but they are unjustifiable, barbaric and inhumane.

“No individual or persons, irrespective of their standing or social classification has a right to mete violence against any human being, especially against women and children. Furthermore, Manana’s action is a reflection of the violent nature of our society, as evidenced by many violent deeds continuously reported and perpetrated by men against women”. 

The ANCYL is calling for a what it termed a ‘Popular Front’ involving wide of progressive forces and leading people’s formations across all sections of society to embark on a progressive campaign to deal systematically and decisively with all forms and scourge of violence against women and children. 

“As the ANCYL, we call on Manana to follow his conscience and do the honorable thing and resign from his positions in the ANC and Parliament. His unrepentant actions are harming the image and public standing of the ANC as a trusted leader and chief representative of popular aspirations of our people. Furthermore, his continued participation in the ANC raises a false narrative in the public eye that the ANC protects or shields those accused (or found) to be at the wrong arm of the law,” the league said. 
Last year Manana was sentenced by Magistrate Ramsamy Reddy at the Randburg Magistrates Court to one year in jail or a R100 000 fine for assaulting two women at a Johannesburg nightclub. He was also ordered to complete 500 hours of community service at an organisation called Valued Citizen Initiative. Manana was also ordered to compensate his victims for their medical bills.
The Youth League also called on the ANC to act with speed on the matter. 
“Undeniably society will remember Manana’s actions in the “ballot box” if the ANC does not act decisively. This calls on the ANC to act swiftly and subject Manana before a disciplinary hearing so that an appropriate sanction can be imposed on him, even if it means his membership of the ANC has to be terminated. The ANC can’t afford to turn a blind eye on this matter, given Manana’s leadership position in the ANC, as member of our highest decision making body, the NEC”. 
On Wednesday National Assembly Speaker, Baleka Mbete, said she was concerned about the latest accusations of physical violence against Manana.
Mbete said the police’s decision to exercise their responsibility to continue the investigation is “commendable – despite Mr Manana’s domestic worker dropping the complaint she initially laid”.
“Parliament has a code of ethical conduct for Members of Parliament. The code, intended to provide a framework of reference for Members discharging their duties and responsibilities, outlines the minimum ethical standards of behavior that South Africans expect of their public representatives. These standards include upholding propriety, integrity and ethical values in their conduct. The purpose is to create public trust and confidence. It requires, among others, that Members of Parliament uphold the law and promote and support ethical conduct by leadership and example,” the Speaker said in a statement. 
She said Manana’s conduct is also a subject of an internal parliamentary inquiry through the Joint Committee on Ethics and Members’ Interests.
“In the light of the latest worrying reports regarding Mr Manana’s conduct, the Speaker will advise the committee to also investigate these serious accusations and make a recommendation,” she said.