Mahumapelo mulls legal action against Revolutionary Council  

African National Congress (ANC) Provincial Chairperson and Bokone Bophirima Premier, Supra Mahumapelo, has vowed to take legal action against his detractors who continue to ‘muddy’ his name, especially a group calling itself the Revolutionary Council. 
Mahumapelo said this when addressing ANC supporters outside Embassy Hall in Mahikeng on Wednesday, after the party held a special Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meeting that blocked his resignation.
“I have gone through so many challenges within the organization, however, I remained disciplined. We need to know that it is not the ANC that causes difficulties, but individuals within the party. Now, I have taken a decision to take legal action against those who have been going around making noise about my name.
“They have been on social media, television, radio and newspapers mudding my name. I am going to take aggressive legal action against them. I am going to start with the so-called Revolutionary Council. These individuals made spurious, concocted, unfounded allegations against me. According to them, one must be removed from the organization based on those allegations,” Mahumapelo said.
He added that these individuals do not want the rule of law to unfold. Mahumapelo said if the decision to remove people from positions is based on allegations, then the ruling party will be leaderless.
“I have reached a point where I say enough is enough and….enough cannot be more than enough. Some of individuals are angry at me because during my State of the Province Address (SOPA) in Marikana, near Rustenburg, I spoke about the importance of implementing the ANC’s 54th Elective Conference Resolutions. I said we must deliberate on fighting corruption. There are so many examples I made that need to be dealt with,” the ANC Provincial Chairperson said.
Mahumapelo said corruption or allegations thereof was being discussed and claimed in a selective manner, depending on who is seen to be in which political faction. There were many unfinished houses across the province, but the contractors were paid. He also questioned what happened to the shares that the provincial government held at 
the Sun City Resort and said there must be a valid explanation of what happened to them.
“I stated during SOPA that we need to find those who are responsible for the disappearance of those shares. The shares were bought with taxpayers’ money and people must get answers. All those former public servants who were involved conspired against me immediately after I made that call. 
“They conspired against me before I could start with the investigations. They wanted to project me as corrupt and embarked on a massive campaign. Some of them are so rich and work with the media, alliance and so-called Revolutionary Council. The aim was to discredit me enough and ensure that I will not act on this investigation,” he said.
Mahumapelo said the ANC leadership should not arrive at the simplistic decisions. He urged the ruling party leadership to also investigate who was funding the #SupraMustFall violent and destructive protests that took place in Mahikeng and other areas of the province recently.
“I know that you comrades, you have that information. We must also ensure that we know where those who were behind the operation got the money from. Surprisingly, there is not a single community organization that stood up and said it encountered challenges. I have stayed in Mahikeng for many years and we know people were paid to loot shops, torch buildings and barricade roads.
“Those who were behind violent protests need to be taken to task and be dealt with decisively so. We know that the violent protests tactic was implemented across the province in areas like Taung, Delareyville and Mahikeng. We heard SANCO, COSATU and SACP urging the ANC leadership to recall some leaders within the ANC, which is wrong,” Mahumapelo said.