ANC still working towards a completely transformed society

Policy resolutions of the governing African National Congress (ANC) are aimed at ensuring a better life for all and building a truly reconstructed, transformed, unified and developed South Africa for all citizens.
“We would like to emphasise at all times the co-existence of socio-economic rights. There is a tendency to emphasise radical economic transformation at the expense of radical social transformation, which is an inalienable right.  
“The ANC therefore welcomes the recent High Court decision that nullified the common law defence of ‘reasonable chastisement’ as a legal defence for parental and care-givers’ assault of children.  This brings the legal framework in line with criminal law of assault as it pertains to adults. This development will contribute significantly to reducing overall levels of inter-personal violence and the cycle of violence as South Africans will need to embrace the idea that violence is not an acceptable means to deal with conflict or differences,” the party said in its social transformation resolutions. 
The ANC released its 54th National Conference resolutions to the public this week. 
As the ruling party, the ANC believes in consultative processes instead of engaging in violent protests that often include the unnecessary destruction of property as a means of highlighting grievances.
“At the same time constructive engagement by communities requires more responsive and accountable local governance and generally government at all levels that is accountable to its own rules and procedures and where there is no room for those who are corrupt and use government for personal enrichment while there are such high levels of poverty and inequality,” the party said. 
It believes that government must lead by example with respect to building accountability within its own structures. Through these policy proposals, the youth will grow up as responsible citizens.
“At all times, and in all the things we do, we have to increase the levels of women empowerment. While we have made some important progress in the public sector on this matter, we need to ensure that we effect more improvements. The biggest challenge is still in the private sector, and therefore our policies have to help us to make drastic and visible changes in women empowerment in this area.
“Clearly, we must, at all times ensure that through policy and practical implementation we fight and defeat racism, because failure to do so would mean we could never achieve the lofty objectives contained in our Constitution,” said the resolutions.
The ANC believes that party representatives must be the agents of change. 
“ANC branches must lead our communities in a programme of regular community dialogue throughout the year on issues of social ills, and on social cohesion and nation building. ANC branches must utilise the government information booklets on National and AU [African Union] Symbols as well as Anthems, to ensure that national symbols are known in our communities and treated with appropriate etiquette. 
“There should be more local production and content screened on our televisions and broadcast on national and community radios to reflect our values. A practical and sustainable percentage must be determined,” the party said. 
The state must provide free sanitary towels to girls and women, starting with the indigent girl learners and young women and those in the care of state institutions, said the governing party. 
“Sporting infrastructure must be extended to rural and township schools and be part of all new school buildings. Sport should liaise with Traditional Authorities in the rollout of sport facilities and programmes to rural areas,” it said. 
In its conference resolutions, the party said municipalities must regulate the location of taverns and liquor retailers so that they are a distance away from schools and religious establishments. The Liquor Amendment Bill should also address this matter.
“SASSA national administration should be aligned with provinces to ensure that there is seemliness decision making and ensure that there is accountability of provincial offices to the national office. SASSA needs to urgently speed up the process of provision of adequate and decent pay points as older person are often paid in the rain or heat,” the ANC said. 
It continued on youth unemployment challenges: “The government’s internship programme offers valuable work exposure for graduates and thus entry requirements must enable and not unduly restrict entry and access. Part of this work must intensify career guidance programmes for the youth, as well as allocation of more bursaries”. 
The ANC resolved that the National Youth Development Agency must be strengthened and resourced to deliver effective youth programmes with the national youth service, the Expanded Public Works Programme youth programmes and other youth employment programmes as flagships of youth development in government.