ANC Women’s League, Youth League unhappy with Cabinet reshuffle

The African National Congress Women's League (ANCWL) and the ANC Youth League have expressed disappointment with the newly appointed Cabinet. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a Cabinet reshuffle on Monday night, bringing in new faces, while on the other hand moving some ministers from one portfolio to the other. 

While the ANC Women’s League said the Cabinet reshuffle “did not adequately achieve the 50/50% gender parity”, the Young Lions complain about a lack of young people in Ramaphosa’s Cabinet. 

The ANC Women’s League said while it respects that it is the sole prerogative of the President to appoint the Deputy President, Ministers and Deputy Ministers as per the country’s Constitution, it was still disappointed.

“The ANC must be the epitome of gender equality in theory and in practice and that has to reflect even in the ANC led government from national to local level. 

“Notwithstanding the strides made by the ANC led government since 1994, there is high level of inequalities, unemployment and poverty that most of the victims are women, youth and children and that needs radical approach to address those injustices. The appointed Ministers and Deputy Ministers must hit the ground running and ensure that in their different portfolios they unashamedly implement the resolutions of the ANC 54th national conference without fail.  

The ANCWL further calls all the appointees to ensure that in their portfolios they advocate for gender equality, which is not just a fundamental human right but it has a huge potential to reduce unemployment and poverty,” said the ANC Women’s League Secretary General, Meokgo Matuba in a statement. 

The ANC Youth League on the other hand said it was “quite disappointed that a number of able and capable youth leaders, currently serving as Members of Parliament (MPs), and those playing a key role outside of government were overlooked and not considered by President Ramaphosa”. 

The league said it was about time the ANC stared taking its youth members seriously and assigning them serious positions of power and responsibility “because we represent the second layer leadership of the ANC and the country at large,” it said in a statement. 

“When we speak about renewal we are also speaking about having trust and faith in youth leadership in the organization and the State.
Even though we respect President Ramaphosa’s prerogative as prescribed in the Constitution to appoint members of the Executive, we strongly feel he should have assembled a well-balanced Executive drawn from both the old and the new,” it said. 

The ANC Youth League said its leadership would seek a bilateral with the ANC’s Top Six Officials to discuss this and “making sure that concerns of the Youth League, always find expression in relation to deployments made by the ANC in line with the ANC decision of 20% as agreed in the last National General Council”.