ANC retains Ward 20 after by-election victory

African National Congress (ANC) in Bokone Bophirima has won Mahikeng Sub-region by-elections at Ward 20, retaining the ward it had won during the 2016 Local Government elections.  
The by-elections that were held on Wednesday came about after the death of Mahikeng Local Municipality Speaker and Ward 20 Councillor, Pontsho Tabane, in October last year after a short illness. 
ANC Provincial Deputy Chairperson, Cde Sello Lehari, said told Mogolodi that the party was happy with the results. Lehari said the victory shows that people still love and had faith in the governing party.
“We are grateful to announce that we emerged winners during by-elections at Mahikeng Sub-region in ward 20. Our people voted for us in numbers and we are grateful. The ruling party will ensure that it continues to have the interest of the masses at heart.
“There were two voting stations and at Montshioa Voting Station, 631 voters registered. However, 10 ballot papers were spoiled and UCDP [United Christian Democratic Party] received 70 votes, Democratic Alliance received 85 votes, EFF received 140 votes, while ANC received 326 votes. At Podile Voting Station, we had 639 registered voters. Out of this number, we had 157 spoiled ballot papers. UCDP received 7 votes, DA received 19 votes, EFF received 123 votes and the ANC received 326 votes,” he said.
Lehari added that overall registered voters were 1130. Of these, the UCDP got 77, DA 104, EFF received 263 votes, while the ANC got a whooping 662.  
Newly elected Ward 20 councillor, Wendy Maseng, said: “I am grateful for your unwavering support and I am nothing without you. I also want to thank Almighty God for giving me this opportunity to lead my community. I request his guidance in this journey because our people continue to live in abject poverty.
“They are faced with unemployment, inequality and poverty in their daily basis. However, the ANC is the only political party that has their interest at heart. I will work hard and approach other stakeholders to bring remedial action. Our youth also needs assistance as most of them indulge into alcohol and drug.”
Maseng continued: “We also have socio-economic challenges which need to be attended to. Remember, the ANC's key objective is to create a united, non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society. This means the liberation of Africans in particular and black people in general from political and economic bondage.
“There is a need for upliftment of the quality of life of our people, especially the poor. We also need to implement Batho Pele principle to ensure that our people come first. With that humility and a selfless dedication, we can achieve a better South Africa,” she said.